Water Damage Repair Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Water Damage Repair

The Website Overview

This client’s website was created to provide top-quality water damage repair services. The company serves both residential and business clients in the area. The team is committed to delivering prompt and efficient water restoration solutions using the latest equipment and techniques.

The Biggest Challenge

The Google My Business (GMB) page faced the challenge of not securing the top position despite offering superior services. The initial intent was slightly off, with the GMB ranking for terms that did not align with the target audience. This misalignment impacted the page’s visibility and traffic.
Reasons for the Challenge:
1. Competitive Keywords: The chosen keywords were highly competitive, affecting the GMB page’s ranking.
2. Limited Social Media Utilization: Insufficient use of social media platforms hindered broader online visibility.
3. Unoptimized URLs: Complex URLs containing numbers and symbols created a less user-friendly experience.
4. Non-Mobile Friendly Website: The website was not optimized for mobile devices, affecting user experience and search rankings.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis, our team implemented strategic changes. The page’s performance significantly improved by refining the primary category in the GMB profile and aligning it with the core service of water damage repair. The shift resulted in a remarkable rise in rankings on GMB for relevant searches, showcasing the importance of accurate categorization.

The Results

In just two months, with the dedicated efforts of our team, the GMB page for our client’s site achieved an impressive ranking of 1.83.

Key Results

  • Improved GMB ranking from initial position to 1.83.
  • Strategic category adjustment led to better targeting of the local market.
  • Enhanced online visibility resulted in a surge of organic traffic.
This case study exemplifies the tangible impact of strategic optimization on GMB ranking. Through meticulous analysis and targeted adjustments, our dedicated team addressed the initial challenges and propelled the page to a prominent position.
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