How long does it take to see SEO results?

how long to start seeing SEO results

As someone who has been a leader of SEO specialists, I often get the question “How long do I have to wait to see SEO results?” Well, in reality, there is really no definitive answer to that question, even if you choose different strategies or whatnot, it’s only a matter of time when you can see visible SEO results. Moreover, you can still somewhat form or hypothesize a realistic timetable which allows you to at least get an idea on how much time you need to wait until you can see viable SEO results.  

That being said, even having well-executed SEO it still takes time. Regardless, there are many factors both internal and external that can lead to your SEO results being hindered or boosted, either way, you can still expect results at the 6th-month mark or even longer. But at the end of the day, results can take up way longer or earlier than you might expect, given that not all online businesses are alike and how others don’t utilize SEO the same.

How our SEO works today

As I mentioned, there are different factors that can contribute to how long you can see SEO results, one of those factors is SEO itself. Today’s SEO is heavily driven by natural language, now that people are using shorter more detailed search queries and how they are always on the go to seek what they are looking for in the shortest amount of time. Which makes today’s SEO vastly different from what it was before. In simpler words, you have to not rank for only those same competitive words over and over again, but you also have to rapidly rank for other keywords as well. 

As SEO progresses each day, it is with no doubt that the way we perceive SEO will also change. That being said, there are also other factors that can have either a positive or negative on your SEO results. But here below, I listed which I personally think are the most important factors in SEO that can have a substantial impact on your SEO result.

How old is your website

Your website’s age determines how long you have been around the net. Typically, you’d see big sites like or that have been established since the 1990’s, and notice how their site’s founding date has a huge impact on their image. The same is said with your site. Basically imagine you just graduated fresh from college and you are on your way to your first interview, but then you don’t have any references in your resume, which would lead your employer to become suspicious. Which then makes your legitimacy unreliable.

 The older your site is, the more credentials, approval, or certifications, you have received from well established sites that makes your site credible to potential customers and to the eyes of Google.

Does your website go along with Google?

Google gives pages that they think are reliable and high quality high ratings. Which in turn drives the site’s ranking a lot. So the more that Google likes your website the more it will be likely that you’ll end up in the top 10. 

Did your website have casualties?
You might want to steer out of any kind of penalties from Google at all costs, as it may have a huge negative impact on your SEO results. Google hates it when sites try to manipulate or bend Google’s rules, and they get severely punished for it, more specifically, their sites will suffer a huge loss. It’s like trying to keep your Grade School report card clean of any misbehaviors or errors, knowing that you might not be able to graduate.

So stay clear of penalties, you might not know this but Google search engines will actually scan if your site has any past penalties and that may have an impact on how your SEO result will come out.

Faster results can be still achieved

But you also have to take into consideration the work that is being put into your SEO campaign. As most SEO specialists make sure that their clients will have long lasting results. So if you’re thinking that your site will become a topper in Google’s pages, you’re in for disappointment. Sure, you can say to your clients that they’ll be seeing visible and significant results by 30 days, but the reality behind these promises are abysmal. You may end up having a client on your case asking why they see no results.

By default, you are setting their expectations too high to the point where you might not actually achieve what they were looking for. So if you ask me, I think that the most you can give your campaign are around the 6 months margin or maybe even 5. But somewhere around 3-4 months, you should start seeing SEO results. Now I know that all businesses are alike as they can have different priorities, goals, objectives, or they just want their site to land on the pages of Google.

And another big part that you should be aware of is how you educate your clients. They may look at 4 weeks into their website only to see that they didn’t see the results that they wanted. Typically this is the type of client you want to avoid or at least educate what goes into SEO. But also, by educating your clients, they can get an idea of how long they should wait into seeing visible and sustainable results. At Least so that they can have realistic expectations.

And at the very least, views things from a different angle. Imagine yourself as your own client, possibly you can see that there are lots of different SEO specialists out there that promise years’ worth of work and benefits only to have no significant results at all. So it is important that you should take a look into their SEO first before you invest your time and money into SEO. By doing this you not only capture the interests of clients but also helps you in understanding their goals and objectives better. 

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