Commercial Cleaning Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Commercial Cleaning

The Website Overview

This website focuses on commercial cleaning and has positioned itself as a premier personalized and quality cleaning service provider for residential and commercial clients. The company’s website takes pride in delivering personalized, high-quality cleaning services for residential and commercial spaces by putting a drop-down page for their available services and aiming to enhance its online presence through Google My Business (GMB). But despite their impressive track record, their GMB struggled to secure the top spot in the rankings.

The Biggest Challenge

Before engaging our services, the site faced several challenges hindering its Google My Business (GMB) ranking. These included not being located in the city, overlapping service areas, competitors sharing the same address, duplicate listings, low brand/website visibility, identical phone numbers, fake addresses eroding trust, and confusion due to similar brand names.

The Solution

Through strategic interventions, we addressed these challenges. We observed a remarkable improvement by refining the primary category on the GMB profile and aligning it with the core services of commercial cleaning. This adjustment significantly boosted the ranking, highlighting the importance of precise category selection. Our collaboration with their company focused on changing the category, enhancing their overall GMB profile, managing reviews, and combating local map spam.

The Results

In just over 2 months, we successfully propelled their page to a remarkable GMB ranking of 1.05. This translated to increased visibility and trustworthiness in the Commercial Cleaning niche. 
Metrics such as improved call volume and enhanced engagement underscored the tangible benefits of our strategic intervention.

Key Results

  • Initial Rank: 20+
  • Final Rank: 1.05
  • Increase in Leads: Substantial
  • Improved Visibility: Across service areas
  • GMB Category Optimization: Critical
Through our meticulous strategy and dedication, transformed their site from facing numerous GMB challenges to securing a top-tier ranking. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering tangible and effective results for our clients in the commercial cleaning industry.
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