Landscaping Case Study

Client’s Niche:


The Website Overview

Our client crafted a website that encapsulates a mission centered on individualized attention, superior workmanship, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. However their prominent landscaping business was facing a significant challenge in optimizing its Google My Business (GMB) page. Despite a strong online presence, their GMB ranking was a mere 20+ hindering their visibility in local search results. 

The Biggest Challenge

Before engaging our services, our client encountered various challenges that impacted their GMB performance:
  1. Geographical Limitations: The business was not prominently located in the city, affecting local visibility.
  2. Service Area Overlaps: Overlapping service areas caused confusion and hindered precise location targeting.
  3. Competitor Proximity: Sharing an address with competitors led to a diluted online presence.
  4. Duplicate Listings: Multiple listings for the same business created a disorganized online profile.
  5. Limited Brand Visibility: Insufficient brand and website visibility hindered potential customer engagement.
  6. Trust Issues: A fake address and lack of trust indicators posed a credibility challenge.
  7. Brand Confusion: Similar brand names added complexity for Google in distinguishing our client.

The Solution

Upon careful analysis, we implemented a strategic solution to address these challenges:
  • Primary Category Adjustment: We optimized the GMB profile by refining the primary category to align precisely with the landscaping services offered.
  • Location Targeting: We fine-tuned the business’s geographical targeting through a thorough location scan to maximize local impact.
  • Competitor Analysis: Understanding the local competition, we devised a strategy to differentiate our client’s offerings and enhance their online presence.
  • Listing Cleanup: Streamlining multiple listings and ensuring accurate information eradicated confusion and boosted the GMB profile’s credibility.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Implementing trust indicators and an improved website presence contributed to increased brand visibility.

The Results

With the strategic interventions by our team, the GMB ranking soared from 1.09 to a remarkable top position within 8 weeks.

Key Results

  • Increased Click-Through Rate: The GMB optimization resulted in a significant surge in click-through rates.
  • Expanded Reach: Precise location targeting and category adjustments expanded the business’s reach in the local market.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Trust-building measures and improved visibility led to increased customer interactions.
This case study exemplifies how our dedicated efforts and strategic approach can transform a struggling GMB profile into a local search powerhouse. The landscaping business’s success story demonstrates the tangible impact of our services on online visibility and customer engagement.
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