Medicare Insurance Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Medicare Insurance

The Website Overview

The client built this website to operate in the highly competitive niche of medicare insurance, catering to every client. The website serves as a one-stop destination for those seeking expert guidance and tailored solutions in the dynamic realms of insurance and investments.
Our client, a trusted Medicare Insurance Agent, sought to establish a strong online presence and enhance visibility through Google My Business (GMB).

The Biggest Challenge

The primary challenge stemmed from an inefficient GMB profile. Although the client’s website was performing well organically, GMB was not delivering the desired traffic. Upon analysis, it became apparent that the GMB intent was slightly misaligned, resulting in rankings for unrelated terms. This discrepancy significantly impacted the client’s ability to attract the right audience through GMB.

The Solution

We stepped in to optimize the GMB profile effectively. We realigned the intent with the target audience by strategically adjusting the profile’s primary category and refining the focus to medicare insurance. This tactical move propelled the GMB listing to the top spot (1.01), enhancing visibility and relevance in Google searches for medicare-related queries.

The Results

Within just 2 months and 2 weeks of implementing the solution, our client’s GMB page secured the coveted rank of 1.01. The enhanced visibility translated into a substantial increase in relevant leads and inquiries.

Key Results

This accomplishment showcased our team’s dedication and expertise in overcoming challenges to deliver tangible and prompt results for our clients in the medicare insurance niche.
Strategic optimization of the GMB profile not only addressed the challenges faced by our clients but also catapulted them to the top of relevant search results. This case study exemplifies our commitment to precision and proficiency, ensuring that our client’s online presence reflects their expertise and attracts the right audience.
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