Nutriverdant Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Nutri-care Essentials
Client’s Website:
Note: If the website is down or not visible, the owner may not have renewed the subscription. 

The Website Overview

NutriVerdant, an American company committed to delivering nutri-care Essentials worldwide, partnered with Kherk Roldan Advanced Digital Solutions to build an innovative e-commerce platform. Established in 2020, NutriVerdant aims to provide the best and most affordable products for daily needs, fostering positivity and creativity. The website serves as a one-stop destination for customers, reflecting the brand’s mission and commitment to quality.

Building Process and Website Pages

We crafted a six-page website, including the Homepage, Personal Care and Health Care product pages, About Us, FAQ’s, and a Blog page.

  • Homepage: We created the homepage featuring a captivating hero image, conveying the brand’s essence with a girl applying cream, and a focus on skin health care. Exclusive product sections and a couple exercising with a “health care” call-to-action emphasize the brand’s vision. Testimonials from satisfied customers reinforce trust in the brand.

  • Personal Care and Health Care (Product Pages): In this section, we crafted these pages to showcase five products each, providing a seamless shopping experience. The layout includes clear calls-to-action for “add to cart” and “buy it now,” along with color variations, quantity options, and detailed product descriptions. Customer reviews, related product suggestions, and a “write review” section enhance the shopping journey.

  • About Us Page: This section is created to give a concise overview of NutriVerdant, aligning with the information outlined in the website overview. It serves as a hub for customers to understand the company’s values and mission.

  • FAQ’s Page: The FAQ page is crafted to address common queries, offering a valuable resource for potential customers and ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

  • Blog Page: And lastly, for this section our website designers created the blog page to complement the shopping experience with relevant content. Titles such as “Back Massage Stretcher: Therapy for a Healthy Spine” connect customers with the benefits of NutriVerdant’s products.

Enhancement Elements

We focused on key elements to enhance the website:

  1. Navigation: To streamlined navigation ensures easy access to all sections, optimizing the user experience.
  2. Content: Engaging and concise content aligns seamlessly with NutriVerdant’s brand, resonating with the target audience.
  3. Branding: A visually pleasing aesthetic, featuring a black and yellow logo and a white and yellow-green theme, reinforces the brand identity.
  4. Buttons and Features: Prominently featured cart and search buttons, along with a user-friendly search bar and order tracking, facilitate convenient transactions.
  5. Turnaround: The website was developed within a week, showcasing our company’s commitment to deliver efficient and timely results.
Footer: (included in all pages)
The footer includes essential policies, quick links, and guarantees, ensuring transparency and trust. A subscription option allows customers to receive special offers.

Overall Website Design

We successfully transformed NutriVerdant’s vision into a vibrant and efficient e-commerce website. The collaboration resulted in a visually appealing platform that not only aligns with NutriVerdant’s brand identity but also ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers worldwide.
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