Personal Trainer Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Personal Trainer

The Website Overview

The website that our client crafted eloquently portrays his academic grounding in human physiology and psychology, a passion for global exploration, and a mission to impact ten million lives through holistic empowerment.

The Biggest Challenge

Prior to enlisting our services, the site encountered significant impediments in the Google My Business (GMB) ranking. The absence of verification, a deficiency in Google reviews, the lack of a Google Map on the website, oversight in incorporating essential keywords in the GMB business name, a scarcity of local citations, and a suboptimal local SEO strategy presented formidable challenges. The global competitive landscape added another layer of complexity to the visibility struggle.

The Solution

In collaboration with us, a meticulous strategy was crafted to tackle these challenges systematically. This encompassed GMB verification, the strategic cultivation and management of positive Google reviews, seamless integration of a Google Map on the website, precise optimization of the business name with primary keywords, the establishment of local citations, and the execution of a comprehensive local SEO strategy.
This all-encompassing approach not only fortified the site against global competition but significantly elevated its local search visibility.

The Results

In a brief span of one month and two weeks, the site experienced a notable transformation. The GMB page now proudly boasts a top-ranking position of 1.00, a testament to the efficacy of our refined strategies.
This heightened visibility directly translated into a substantial lead uptick and client engagement.

Key Results

  1. GMB verification and the strategic cultivation of positive reviews are imperative for local prominence.
  2. Success metrics extend beyond rankings, manifesting in a palpable increase in leads and sustained client interaction.
  3. Establishing local citations and executing a comprehensive local SEO strategy is indispensable to outperforming the global competition.
  4. Precision in optimizing the GMB business name with primary keywords is pivotal for enhanced ranking.
  5. Seamless integration of a Google Map on the website amplifies local search relevance.
Our client’s journey from GMB challenges to a pinnacle ranking underscores the tangible impact of strategic optimization. The partnership with Kherk Roldan Whitelabel SEO Solutions exemplifies concrete results from meticulous attention to GMB intricacies and a comprehensive local SEO strategy.
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