Your Muscle House Case Study

Client’s Niche:
Fitness Products
Client’s Website:
Note: If the website is down or not visible, the owner may not have renewed the subscription. 

Client's Website Overview

Your Muscle House, an e-commerce platform specializing in fitness products, partnered with Kherk Roldan Whitelabel SEO Solutions to create a dynamic and user-friendly website. The website is a testament to our company’s expertise in crafting impactful e-commerce solutions.

Website Process

We meticulously crafted a six-page website for Your Muscle House, comprising the Home, Sportswear, Women’s Clothing, Accessories, Health and Wellness, and Blog pages.

  • Homepage: We created the homepage, designed with a captivating hero image featuring fitness enthusiasts, showcases trending products, and introduces Your Muscle House’s mission. Animated sections emphasize easy returns, hassle-free 30-day returns, and nationwide free shipping.

  • Product Pages: Sportswear, Women’s Clothing, Accessories, and Health and Wellness pages were created to feature three products each. Each product page allows users to explore color variations quantities and supports seamless transactions through four payment platforms. The features and specifications of each product are presented clearly.

  • Blog Page: A blog page was strategically added to provide valuable content related to the products offered. Blog titles include “Say Goodbye to Neck Pain with the Best Neck Massagers” and “Unlock the Power of Acupressure Mats for Weight Loss.”

Website Enhancement Elements

We implemented key enhancements to elevate the user experience on Your Muscle House’s website.
  1. Navigation: The website boasts easy navigation, ensuring customers can effortlessly explore various sections.
  2. Content: The content is tailored to align with Your Muscle House’s mission, avoiding unnecessary fluff and delivering concise yet engaging information.
  3. Web-Friendly Design: The website is designed to be compatible with all digital devices, ensuring a seamless experience for users regardless of their preferred platform.
  4. Branding: The website adheres to a black-and-white theme, with the logo and font maintaining these colors, creating a cohesive and visually appealing brand image.
  5. Turnaround: We completed the website within a week, demonstrating efficiency and a commitment to delivering results promptly.
Footer: (include in all pages)
The footer is standardized across all pages, providing essential links to policies, quick access to search and order tracking, and an invitation to join the mailing list. Icons depicting accepted payment methods enhance trust and credibility.

Overall Website Design

This case study highlights the prowess of our company’s in constructing a resilient e-commerce platform for Your Muscle House. The website stands out with its intentional design, smooth navigation, and customer-centric features, making it a model of successful collaboration. Our company’s ability to elevate fitness brands through intentional design, user-friendly navigation, and customer-centric features. 
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