The SEO Movement Episode 1: Best SEO Content Strategy for 2023 with Fervil Von

Best SEO Content Strategy for 2023 with Fervil Von & Ken-Ken Somera

Highlights From The Episode:

  • Discussed on how choosing the right topic and using Google search engine (People may ask & Related searches) will help in composing a high-quality content.
  • Elaborated the four (4) ways to find the best keywords: Relevance, Volume, Competition, and Commerciality.
  • Thoroughly explained the difference between SEO and Content Marketing.
  • Suggested AI tools to use in making and optimizing your content such as ChatGPT, Jasper, etc..
  • Gave advice on how to make your content on the website attractive to encourage more people to visit and share it. Also, how to get rankings on Google’s first page by using Technical content links.

1:06:40 Recap, Discussion and Q&A with the guest & viewers

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